Lindsay Lohan is set to make a fresh start by hiring a new publicist and reportedly landing a major role in the upcoming mob film 'Gotti: Three Generations'.

Lindsay Lohan has hired Hollywood publicist Steve Honig to oversee all of her future public relations matters, according to the Daily Mail. Honig is the President of The Honig Company and has over twenty years experience of handling issues related to the 'Mean Girls' actress. Honig will be the first official publicist to represent Lindsay after she parted ways with her former PR manager, Leslie Sloane, several years ago. Honig's existing clients include Fiore Films, the same company that is currently producing the Gotti biopic about the former head of the Gambino crime family.

The movie's director Barry Levinson may offer the starlet some good news after telling EW that he didn't mean to rule her out of the role as Victoria Gotti 'definitively'. He stated: 'Someone asked me about Lindsay Lohan and I said: 'To be honest with you, right now I'm so busy that I have to go and sit down and write the piece'. I know her name has been mentioned in relation to it, but right now my focus is simply to write it, as opposed to dealing with the specifics of her in the role or whatever'. For now, it may seem that she is still involved as Producer Marc Fiore issued a statement stating that Lohan will be in the film, 'despite reports to the contrary'.

The actress is currently on a three year probation after being sentenced to a 120 day prison sentence as well as 480 hours of community service over the theft of a stolen $2,500 (£1,527) necklace.