Lindsay Lohan has Oprah Winfrey on speed dial.

The recovering actress has been mentored by the talk show star since she completed a 90-day court ordered stint in rehab last year, and says she feels blessed to have such a strong bond with her.

She told Extra TV: ''I love that I can call Oprah on the phone, and be like, 'Oprah, can we talk right now?' and she calls me within two minutes. I have to trick her into leaving voicemails, so I can just have Oprah's voicemails ... she's the coolest person ever.''

Lindsay, 27, has also filmed a docu-series for Oprah's OWN network which she is keen to stress isn't a reality show, and she says she had no control over what made the final cut.

She added: ''I did it because it's not a reality show, it's pretty raw. Obviously it's TV, so things will be edited in certain ways to get ratings, which I can't control, but I do know that my intentions going into it were really pure and really honest. I appreciate all that's happened and all that [Oprah has] done for me.''