Actress Lindsay Lohan thrilled a Tv audience by giving British chat show host Alan Carr a lesson in how to pole dance.

The Mean Girls actress, who showed off her erotic dancing skills in 2007 movie I Know Who Killed Me, was being interviewed for Carr's Chatty Man talk show this week (ends25Apr14) when he challenged her to give him some tips for a raunchy routine.

Lohan gamely swung around a purpose-built rod in the Tv studio and advised Carr to shift his centre of gravity, before jokily showering him with cash for his efforts.

She told Carr as she swung around the pole, "You have to just, like, put your body weight onto your left side, and then you use the weight and your arms and you have to pull yourself. You have to just be able to fall."

Lohan also was seen taking pole dancing lessons herself in her U.S. reality Tv series Lindsay.

Her appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man airs in the U.K. on Friday (25Apr14).