Lindsay Lohan ''embodies'' the story of Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

The troubled actress beat the likes of Megan Fox to play the late 'Cleopatra' beauty in TV film 'Liz and Dick', and in preparation she has been watching not only her old pictures but also old interviews and public appearances to make sure she nails her performance.

President of the Lifetime network - the channel housing the project - Nancy Dubac said she was confident Lindsay is the right person for the part.

She told Access Hollywood: ''What she said just embodied the story of 'Liz and Dick' and really you could see in her heart and in her mind that she wanted this and that she wanted a chance to do it.

''Obviously audiences love her and she's clearly going to Drive A lot of viewers to this movie so, of course, we want to be able to give her that platform and we're thrilled that we can.''

The movie is due to begin shooting shortly.