Lindsay Lohan is due in court on Thursday (March 29, 2012) in what is likely to be her final appearance in front of Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner. Despite her personal troubles over the past couple of years, the Hollywood actress is finally expected to complete her probation.
According to Access Hollywood, Lindsay was asked at the courthouse today, "This will be the last time we see you in front of a judge?", to which she replied, "Yes". When asked how she planned to celebrate, the actress merely said, "Dinner with my sister". Her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley and judge Sautner have set about reforming the troubled actress' personal life in recent months and Lohan said she owes it all to Holley in particular, saying, "She's still a good person in my life, she's been there for me". On Tuesday, a representative for Lindsay confirmed that her comeback would continue with a special appearance on Glee, playing herself as a celebrity judge at the Nationals. She has already signed on to play Elizabeth Taylor in a forthcoming biopic for Lifetime, and was paid a reported $1 million to pose nude for Playboy.
She was initially cast in the upcoming crime-drama Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father, alongside Al Pacino and John Travolta, though her current involvement in the movie is unclear.