Lindsay Lohan thought the Betty Ford clinic was ''detrimental'' to her ''sobriety''.

The troubled star left the rehab centre on Wednesday (12.06.13) and her switch to Cliffside Malibu has been approved by her lawyers, along with prosecutors and a judge.

Lindsay has been serving a 90-day court ordered sentence since May 2 - after pleading no contest to charges for lying to police about driving during a car crash - and it is believed Betty Ford was better suited to a 30-day programme.

According to those close to the 'Liz & Dick' actress, she told anyone who would listen that she was miserable in the clinic.

She reportedly said: ''It's detrimental to my safety and sobriety here.''

The 26-year-old star is said to have let everyone know how much she ''hated'' her time at Betty Ford and stopped at nothing to make sure she could leave as soon as possible.

An insider told ''Lindsay hated the Betty Ford Center.

''She made it clear that she did not want to be there and that she was going to get out of there any way that she could.''