When Lindsay Lohan burns out at the end of the day she evidently does it with style! Topping off a hectic few days that saw her crash her car, possibly begin filming nude scenes for a movie and working 13-hour shifts on set, Miss Lohan retired to her hotel room where, after remaining unresponsive for some time, was announced as being unconscious, with paramedics being called in.
What the actress, set to star as the late Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Liz & DICk biopic, really needed was a bucket of water thrown at her as she slept through a barrage of knocks on her door due to exhaustion.
Suspicions were aroused when a member of the hotel staff knocked on her door and she did not rouse, from her deep sleep. After this, 911 was called by a member of the Liz & DICk production team and paramedics arrive on scene to determine that the star was fine.
Lindsay and the rest of the crew began filming for the upcoming TV film earlier this month. It will tell the story of Taylor's turbulent relationship with her husband Richard Burton - whom she married twice. The film will be aired on American TV later on in the year and will see Grant Bowler portray Burton.