Lindsay Lohan, the American actress who will be sentenced for misdemeanour theft tomorrow (11th May 2011) is likely to escape jail, reports Lindsay Lohan, who is charged with stealing a $2,500 bracelet from a Venice jeweller, will instead serve around 84 days in house arrest, according to an L.A County Spokesperson.
According to sources in the Sherriff's Department, jail overcrowding and "good credits", would mean Lindsay would only serve around 14 days in prison if she were jailed by the judge tomorrow. However, the L.A Country spokesperson Steve Whitmore says based on what the department has done in the past, it is far more likely that Lohan will avoid jail and serve around 84 days under house detention. If the actress is sentenced to house arrest, it could have a negative effect on her movie career. She has signed on to star in the forthcoming drama movie 'Mob Street' with Savannah Schechter and has also joined the cast of the highly anticipated new crime movie 'Gotti: Three Generations', starring John Travolta and Joe Pesci.
Earlier today, ABC News reported that Lindsay Lohan has decided to enter a no contest plea, the equivalent of a guilty plea, to the charge of misdemeanour theft. Lohan rejected a plea deal in March 2011, deciding instead to take the theft charge to trial.