Lindsay Lohan has completed her house arrest.

The troubled actress - who was sentenced to the confinements of her Californian home for 35 days in May in lieu of jail time after taking a necklace from an upmarket boutique store and violating the terms of her 2007 conviction for driving under The Influence (DUI) - walked out of the property yesterday afternoon (29.06.11) but instead of throwing a party, she made her way to the Los Angeles Downtown Women's centre, to begin her 480 hours of court-ordered community service.

When asked how she felt to be free again, the 'Mean Girls' star - who has had her alcohol-monitoring bracelet taken off - said: "I'm excited to start community service and focus on my work."

As well as the 480 hours of community service, Lindsay will also have to attend an anti-shoplifting class.

Lindsay - who turns 25 on Saturday (02.07.11) - was sentenced to the community service and 120 days in jail after stealing the necklace, but she was granted house arrest at her home in Venice Beach due to prison overcrowding and because she is a non-violent offender.

Her lawyer Shawn Holley recently insisted the decision to spare the actress jail time was "fair".

She said: "Anyone with her background would have gotten house arrest, she didn't get a special deal. I worried perception would harm her. But everyone - the judge, the courts - were professional, so it was fair."