Lindsay Lohan can't afford a driver.

The 'Mean Girls' actress admitted she finds it frustrating that photographers follow her around and try to get photos of her in her car, but she can't take the advice of friends and employ a chauffeur because they are so ''expensive''.

She said: ''Paparazzi in LA are hired to get into your car to see your first reaction. They're hired specifically to do that.

''People are just like, 'Don't drive Lindsay, get a driver!', but it's expensive!''

And she insisted she isn't as well-paid as people might think.

Asked by John Bishop where her $7 million a film paycheques go, she replied: ''Do you think you get all that? I don't think so!''

Elsewhere during the 'John Bishop: In Conversation With...' show, the 30-year-old actress spoke about how her life became a ''whirlwind'' after she first found fame in 'The Parent Trap' at the age of 11.

And Lindsay - who also slammed her father Michael Lohan as a ''Jekyll and Hyde'' character - admitted she ended up surrounded by fake friends.

Asked if things ever got too much and she wanted fame to stop, she said: ''I don't think it was... it was out of my hands at that point.

''It was a whirlwind, when you're in it, especially living in LA with these people you barely know around you all the time who you think are friends.''

On numerous occasions, the 'Machete' star's mother Dina Lohan tried to persuade her to return home, but she refused.

She added: ''My head was in work mode so I kept going. And that was all I really knew.

''And then it hit me, and I was like, 'I want to come home.'''

'John Bishop: In Conversation With Lindsay Lohan' airs on W in the UK at 9pm on Thursday (16.03.17).