Lindsay Lohan has been blasted for changing rehab facility at the last minute.

The 26-year-old actress was due to check in to a New York rehab which had been approved by Los Angeles prosecutors under the terms of her plea deal in March but instead opted for the Morningside Recovery facility in Orange County, California and City Attorney Terry White is not happy.

Speaking in court on Thursday (02.05.13), Terry told Judge James Dabney: ''I'm clearly puzzled by her decision to go to rehab facility that we hadn't approved. We did our due diligence and investigated facilities given to us by [Lindsay's lawyer] Mark Heller, and we had agreed on a facility. I find out yesterday, from the media, that Ms. Lohan has decided to go somewhere else. It's unacceptable.

''I have three newspaper articles right here about problems with that facility. We need time to investigate the facility.''

According to RadarOnline, Terry later said: ''We absolutely won't approve this facility for Lindsay to do her 90-day treatment. The lack of proper licensing, along with the lack of security and not properly searching guests of patients for drugs and alcohol are just a few reasons why a hearing will be scheduled to determine where she should be sent.''

However, Mr. Heller insists it would be wrong to move Lindsay now that she has checked in.

He said: ''This facility satisfies all of the requirements set forth by the judge. She's in rehab right now. Nothing bad is going to happen.''

While the judge has allowed Lindsay to stay, he refused to make the arrangement permanent and asked for an update later this month.