Lindsay Lohan has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings for a year after trying to focus more on her career than partying.

The 20-year-old actress is often photographed out on the town with her A-list friends but in an interview with People magazine she confessed that on nights out her tipple of choice is Red Bull  but definitely not with a sly dash of vodka in it.

"I've been going to AA, for a year," she said. And when asked why she had not mentioned it before, Linds exclaimed: "Well it's no one's business. That's why it's anonymous!"

"I haven't had a drink in seven days. Or anything. I'm not even legal to, so why would I?" she added.

"I don't drink when I go to clubs. I drink with my friends at home, but there's no need to. I feel better not drinking. It's more fun. I have Red Bull."

Apparently her sobriety is down to her desire to be known as a serious actress rather than a party girl and to get her life on a serious track  No Doubt partly triggered by a letter from the chief executive of Georgia Rule's film company which lambasted her for her unprofessional behaviour.

"I just wanted to, like, find a balance. I was out too much. I was too caught up," she explained. "I was going out too much and I knew that, and I have more to live for than that.

"I don't want to be written about at these clubs with these people. I work, I act, I have a living. That's what I do every day. I work every single day."

Lindsay is currently starring in Bobby, a political film about the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles in June 1968.

13/12/2006 16:33:28