Lindsay Lohan beamed in court this morning (December 14, 2011) as Judge Stephanie Sautner praised her for completing 12 says of community service on time. The actress was attending her latest probation progress report and the feedback was generally positive despite a tumultuous week for the 25-year-old, reports
The Mean Girls star displayed a broad grin as Judge Sautner welcomed her by saying, "Miss Lohan, you have actually done your work", adding, "And done it, not only on time, but early". The judge also spoke of wanting to increase Lindsay's therapy sessions to five in total, instead of the required four. In a sometimes comical probation hearing, the judge told Lindsay that the morgue was pleased with her community work, before quipping, "at least as pleased as a morgue can be" - again, Lindsay smiled and chuckled. Elsewhere, there was some confusion as to whether the actress was actually allowed to go to Hawaii last week but ultimately Judge Sautner said it was acceptable because she was celebrating her sister's birthday and was allowed to leave the state of California for family events. It was at the beach party that Lohan had her purse stolen, which allegedly contained $5,000 in cash, her passport, and important probation documents. The purse was later returned, minus the money.
The 25-year-old hit the headlines earlier this week after her nude editorial for Playboy magazine leaked online a full week ahead of its scheduled release. Hugh Hefner subsequently announced his decision to release the issue early, so as to minimize the financial damage. Lindsay is due back in court next month, but it's so-far-so-good for the actress.