The movie boss who wrote a letter to Lindsay Lohan reprimanding her for her tardiness on the set of GEORGIA RULE last year (06), has hailed the actress as a "nice, decent person". Producer James G. Robinson infamously penned Lohan a stern letter, which was subsequently leaked online, in which he hit out at her "irresponsible and unprofessional" behaviour. However, Robinson insists Lohan is a pleasant girl. He says, "She's 20 years old, one of the most famous women in the world. That's a lot for someone... "She's a good person. She's a nice person. She is not a little bitch. She's a nice, decent person. "She just likes to stay out too late at night." And Robinson admits he scrapped a few drafts of his letter because of their angry tone. He adds, "I wrote that letter six times. I started out being p**sed off. There was anger in some drafts, but I think I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. "And from that day on, she didn't miss any time. She came to work on time, knew her lines and, boy, she's a fantastic actor. She's probably one of the most talented."