Lindsay Lohan's arrest early Tuesday on charges of driving under the influence and of cocaine possession has thrown a monkeywrench into the marketing apparatus for TriStar's I Know Who Killed Me, her latest movie, which is scheduled to open on Friday. She had been booked to appear this evening (Wednesday) on the Tonight show with Jay Leno to promote the film, but the network said Tuesday that her appearance had been canceled -- presumably to avoid the inevitable discussion with Leno about her recent scrapes with the law. Today's Los Angeles Times also observed that Lohan's arrest was likely to further set back production on the movie Poor Things, which already was postponed once this year when Lohan checked herself into rehab after an earlier DUI arrest. It was to have started in three weeks. With Lohan no longer available, noted today's New York Times, it was unclear whether the film's financing will hold together. On Tuesday night, the syndicated Access Hollywood read an email from Lohan in which she proclaimed, "I am innocent. ... Did not do drugs; they're not mine."