Lindsay Lohan has been offered a role in 'The Dry Gulch Kid'.

The troubled actress - who was recently told by a court she had to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet as part of her ongoing probation order - has been offered the role of a feisty army lieutenant by Kerry Wallum of Luck Films.

Kerry said: "It's a bitchy character, so she'll be fine. She's already been sent The Script, and we're told she's considering. Hopefully she accepts the role. We love her acting and we think she can stretch it."

Willie Nelson is also due to appear in the film, and Kerry confirms he has agreed to her starring.

He told X17 Online: "Willie is a big fan of her acting too."

Kerry also says the wearing of the bracelet will not be a problem for him.

He added: "We'll work around her recent troubles. I think Lindsay will be great playing a pi*sy a*s woman."

It is the second film Lindsay has been linked with in recent weeks - she was recently confirmed to play porn star Linda Lovelace in independent movie 'Inferno'.