Disney darling MEAGHAN MARTIN has landed the lead in the TV sequel to Lindsay Lohan's Mean Girls.
The teenage star of Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam used Rachel MCAdams' bitchy character in Mean Girls as her inspiration for her role as Tess in the Jonas Brothers films - and now she's getting the chance to play mean onscreen again.
She tells Celebuzz.com, "It's ironic that I was probably using more of Mean Girls for Camp Rock than Mean Girls 2! I can quote the original Mean Girls pretty much beginning to end.
"I didn't really study the first movie for this role (in the spin-off) just because my character is very different from Lindsay's - (my character) Jo is like a tough tomboy kind of badass girl and that's not really Lindsay's character."
And Martin doesn't mind chatter suggesting she's the next Lindsay Lohan: "In some ways it's like, 'Well thank you,' because before she did lose her footing she had an incredible career. If I could have that career and just not have the end results of it, then I will be very happy.
"She (Lohan) kind of fell off the edge, which is sad. I feel bad for her."