The director of Lindsay Lohan's next film says he is unsure whether or not the actress' latest legal troubles will affect the project. Matthew Wilder, who is directing 'Inferno', told the Los Angeles Times that he is currently waiting to find out what the outcome of Lohan's failed drug test will be, saying, "Let's see what the judge says". The actress is set to appear as Linda Lovelace in the biopic of the adult film star, but Wilder and the rest of the crew do not know whether or not filming will go ahead.
Producer Chris Hanley told People Magazine, "We do believe that Lindsay's talent does weigh very heavily in this matter. Addictive personality disorder issues are pervasive in the film industry. I have worked with Robert Downey and others on movies I have made, and, frankly, talent and passion for a project matter the most to me." The movie was set to begin shooting in November, but Lohan could potentially be back in prison after it was confirmed that she has failed a drug test. A hearing concerning her failure to comply with the terms of her rehabilitation has yet to be scheduled.
The 24-year-old actress has been a constant source of controversy of late. In May 2010, Lohan missed a DUI progress hearing, instead attending the Cannes Film Festival and in June she was deemed not to have complied with her requirement to attend regular alcohol classes and was given a 90 day prison sentence.