Lindsay Lohan has turned to cooking in her new Venice, California home to help her cope with the problems in her life.
The actress, who spent much of 2010 either in jail or rehab, insists she's found a new beachfront sanctuary in Venice - and she loves to cook for friends, rather than party.
The former wild child, who faces more jail time after allegedly stealing a necklace from a jewellery store near her new home in January (11), says she spends more time in her kitchen than at clubs these days.
Opening her home to cameras from U.S. news show Extra for an exclusive chat, she says, "I love to cook. I cook every night. I cooked a butternut squash ravioli for my friends the other night, with like steamed artichoke.
"It's freeing, it's therapeutic for me."
Lohan, who has pleaded not guilty to stealing the necklace, will return to court on 10 March (11). The judge has told her that if she accepts a plea deal, he'll send her back to jail.