Lindsay Lohan has a new father figure as she battles with her estranged biological dad following threats he made against her and her mother - her latest film father Michael Keaton.

The former BATMAN star, who plays Lohan's dad in new family film HERBIE: Fully Loaded, admits he has developed paternal feelings for his co-star, and now he just wants to protect her.

Keaton, who watched all of Lohan's movies back-to-back to get a taste for her talent before shooting started, says he was traumatised when he saw pictures of his 'daughter' after her collision with Los Angeles paparazzi last week (ends03JUN05).

He says, "I felt fatherly toward her while making this movie, that's what happens. The day I heard about the paparazzi guy, your back goes up.

"She looks extremely vulnerable in the photos and you can see her crying and it just really p**ses you off."

08/06/2005 09:16