Movie star Lindsay Lohan called on famous pals like Winona Ryder to help her change in the toilets at the Oscars in March (06) after promising a friend she'd wear a Calvin Klein gown. The costume change was one of three Lohan performed at the Academy Awards, before changing a fourth time for an after-show party. She dashed to the bathroom at the Kodak Theatre as soon as she arrived at the venue after hitting the red carpet in a Versace gown. Lohan recalls, "I ran to the bathroom to change because I promised my friend who works at Calvin Klein that I'd wear something from their line. "They (friends) were all in there helping me change, including Winona Ryder. I was so embarrassed because I didn't want to come off like a complete floozy." Lohan admits she had an embarrassing fashion encounter with Madonna on the red carpet - when both realised they were wearing Versace. She adds, "She goes to (husband) Guy Ritchie, 'Who's wearing better Versace?' And he didn't say anything. Mine was this elegant, long gown. Hers was elegant as well. It was beautiful, pink."