Late British movie mogul Lindsay Anderson was a repressed homosexual who was in love with his muse Malcolm McDowell, according to the actor himself.

McDowell has been reading up on Anderson's writings and journals in preparation for an upcoming one-man show, in which he'll play the director who gave him his big break in IF...

And the A CLOCKWORK ORANGE star is convinced the movie-maker's closeted homosexuality is what made him such a great director.

McDowell says, "Lindsay's vulnerability, I think, came from the fact that he was a homosexual who couldn't show it, and always fell in love with heterosexuals because then he couldn't do anything about it.

"This all came from the diaries, because, when he was alive, I had no idea. We always thought he was sort of neutral or asexual.

"I was in three of his films, and he only made six, so I presume he was in love with me.

"If he'd been openly gay, and comfortable with who he was, he never would have made If..., O LUCKY MAN!, or any of these great films because there would have been none of the repression, none of that volcanic emotion that was in all of his work."

04/02/2004 00:04