LATEST: Singer Linda Ronstadt has dismissed reports she was booed off stage in Las Vegas for making pro-Michael Moore comments - blaming an ear infection instead.

The PRISONER IN DISGUISE star reportedly threw Sin City's ALADDIN THEATRE into chaos on Saturday night (17JUL04) when her remarks about Moore's controversial anti-war movie FAHRENHEIT 9/11 were greeted with jeers by the crowd.

And, following the incident, Aladdin's president BILL TIMMINS vowed to never allow Ronstadt to play there again, saying, "Ms Ronstadt was hired to entertain the guests of the Aladdin, not to espouse political views."

But a spokeswoman for the singer insists the real reason for Ronstadt's quick exit was an ear infection which caused her difficulty in hearing.

The rep says, "All I know is that Ronstadt's not feeling well.

"She's having a hard time hearing. I called the doctor, but it's nothing serious. She'll be fine."

20/07/2004 21:13