Linda Ronstadt is hoping her archives will keep fans happy for years to come now that Parkinson's disease has robbed her of her singing voice.

The Blue Bayou hitmaker revealed all about her diagnosis last year (13) and explained she could no longer sing, but with a new album of duets set for release this week (08Apr14) and her Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction scheduled for two days later (10Apr14), Ronstadt is hoping to make the most of fresh interest.

She explains, "I could put out a whole record of just Jimmy Webb stuff, or I've got enough duets with Aaron (Neville) to make a whole album."

The singer has already tasted success with Neville - their tunes All My Life and Don't Know Much became big hits in 1989 and 1990, respectively.

However, Ronstadt accepts her style of music might be out of fashion: "I don't know how much of a demand there is for it; the record business has changed so profoundly. It's not something I think about, but every once in awhile a record company comes and says, 'We'd like to put out this. Do you think you could put this together?' and I go, 'Ok, I can do that'.

"I'd love to do stuff of me singing with other women singers, like Ann Savoy and Dolly and Emmylou and Laurie and just have it be that, or just traditional stuff. I sang a lot of stuff, so there are all sorts of possibilities, I guess."