Rocker Linda Perry has stepped in to save a new documentary about former Hole drummer PATTY SCHEMEL after hearing the producers needed funds to complete the project.
Todd Hughes and Christina Soletti called on fans to help them raise the cash they needed to finish work on Hit So Hard: The Life and Near-Death Story of Drummer Patty Schemel, and when songwriter Perry heard they were close to getting what they needed she reportedly offered up the rest.
Director P. David Ebersole has taken to the film's official website to break the news to fans and set a new financial target, which will help cover the marketing for the documentary, which was culled from footage Schemel offered the filmmakers.
He writes, "We reached $15,000 in less than a week! You are truly, simply incredibly!! We are setting a secondary goal of $25,000. In order to finish this project, we will need a total of $40,000. So thanks to you, we are so much closer!"
A post on the Facebook page for the film thanks Perry for her contribution.
The film features hours of unseen grunge-era band footage, and reportedly includes clips and interviews with Schemel, Kurt Cobain and bandmates Eric Erlandson and Courtney Love, according to