Actress Linda Gray is adamant the pressure to undergo cosmetic surgery to stay looking young is no longer confined to Hollywood starlets and has spread out across society.

The Dallas star has reached the age of 74 without feeling the need to go under the surgeon's knife, and revealed she makes clever use of her hair to hide any blemishes.

However, she is astonished at how younger women from all walks of life are now feeling the need for age-defying procedures.

Gray tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "This is the thing. It's reported as being an L.A. thing or a Hollywood thing, but it isn't. It's all over the States. It's rampant! My daughter has friends who can't come out because they have bruises from fillers.

"I don't judge them. If anyone wants to have their nose done, or boobs done, then fine. But it's not for me, no. A fringe hides a multitude, though. And sometimes I put a little hairpiece in each side, just to pad everything out."