A new dog law in Denver, Colorado has got THE EXORCIST star Linda Blair's head spinning because she claims it amounts to canine genocide.

Tired of dealing with pitbull terrier attacks on locals, Denver lawmakers have brought in legislation to ban the breed from the city.

And Blair, who runs a pitbull rescue shelter in Los Angeles, is horrified with the new law because it's forcing dog lovers like her to give up their canine companions or put them to sleep.

She tells US news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, "They're (the authorities) going door to door and saying, 'We are her to confiscate and euthanise your dog.' These are their companions.

"Go after the criminals. Please leave the good Samaritans alone who have registered their dogs.

"I know pitbulls as cuddling, loving, funny, humorous, the greatest companion. They are, some say, the closest to a human's emotions."

29/06/2005 09:25