Actress Linda Blair is fighting film bosses for more cash, after being offered just $279 (GBP155) for footage of her used in trailers for new movie EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING.

Footage from the original 1973 EXORCIST, which stars Blair, has been used to promote the upcoming movie, and the actress is disgusted that film studio Warner BROS has only offered her $93 (GBP51), which is the daily rate from that time, multiplied by three, which are rules stipulated by the Screen Actors Guild.

Blair says, "I am astounded and mortified. I was shocked to see my image and hear my voice and I'm certain the public thinks I'm in it. I want to work and it's hard to get past this image."

Blair's manager BRIAN HOLT is in talks with Warner Bros and SAG over the amount of the payment, and the actress is now talking with attorneys.

Exorcist: The Beginning will be released in America on Friday (20AUG04).

18/08/2004 02:24