Lin-Manuel Miranda's ''first priority'' is getting his mother a dress to wear to the Oscars.

The 'Hamilton' creator has dreamed of going to the prestigious ceremony since he was a child and always promised he'd take his mom Luz Towns-Miranda as his date.

Now he has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song for his track 'How Far I'll Go' from Disney's 'Moana', he will be making good his word at next month's ceremony.

He said: ''We gotta get my mom a dress. I've promised her she was coming with me to the Oscars since I was 10.

''Obviously the first priority, is getting my mom looking nice. I can wear any old penguin suit.''

The nod means the 37-year-old actor could be one of a select few to scoop the coveted EGOT - Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards - and if he does pick up an Academy Award to add to his Emmy, two Grammys and three Tonys, he'll be the youngest person ever to do so.

However, he doesn't want to focus on the potential record-breaking achievement and is just happy to be nominated.

He said: ''I just feel very, very, very, very lucky. This is honestly a dream come true.''

Lin-Manuel was busy filming 'Mary Poppins' in London when he got the news of his nomination - but wasn't prepared for the call as he was confused about the time differences between the UK and Los Angeles.

He said: ''I'm bad at time zone math. So I wasn't sure when the nominations would be.

''So I was eating my tandoori chicken and watching Federer and my phone started vibrating off the table. That's how I found out.''

The actor then returned to work, where he was quickly embraced by co-star Emily Blunt for a congratulatory hug, before resuming filming for the rest of the day.

He told USA Today: ''I was singing and dancing the rest of the day.''

But he did intend to celebrate with champagne after filming had ended - though he wouldn't be going overboard.

He said: ''I hope the champagne is not too strong. Because I'm going to sit in the bath with some Epsom salts which is my ritual for when I get home on this movie. These days are really, really hard.''