Nu-metal rockers Limp Bizkit have shelved their new album, which was due to be released next month (MAY03).

However, the ROLLIN' hitmakers are reassuring their fans that the album - entitled THE SEARCH FOR TEDDY SWOES - will be out before their summer (03) tours with Metallica and Linkin Park.

Frontman FRED DURST says the band are working on fresh material with new guitarist MIKE SMITH, stating, "The chemistry with our new guitar player Mike is so dope that we are spending the next couple weeks writing a new album.

"The 19 songs we wrote without Mike are still amazing and sitting on the shelf waiting on me to do whatever the hell I want to do with them.

"But the energy and vibe in our rehearsal space is absolutely amazing! We have a guitar player that is going to bug you out. The songs are out of control and I'm on a f***ing mission!"

However, reports on the internet suggest the band's initial demos for the follow up to CHOCOLATE STARFISH AND THE HOTDOG FLAVORED WATER were rejected by record company INTERSCOPE - hence the band's return to the studio.

28/04/2003 21:12