Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is terrified he will die a lonely old man - and regrets the day he let sexy singer BRITNEY SPEARS slip through his fingers.

The wild-living NOOKIE musician fears his reputation as a party mad womaniser will put off future love interests, and, despite his much-publicised fling with Britney earlier this year (03), Fred fears he is destined to lead the life of an eternal bachelor.

He moans, "I love that feeling of being in love. It's so exciting and feels so good, but being famous has made it more difficult to find the right person. I have a hunch that I'm gonna end up a lonely guy.

"I really liked Britney but it was a bad move. It was just f***ed up and in the end we both decided it was too crazy."

01/07/2003 14:14