Limp Bizkit rocker Fred Durst is thrilled to have kissed Halle Berry in his new music video - dubbing her the woman who "blew" his mind like no other.

The pair share an extended lip-lock in the video for BEHIND BLUE EYES, which serves as the theme song for Berry's upcoming movie GOTHIKA.

And serial celebrity admirer Durst, who recruited Thora Birch for the video to his current track EAT YOU ALIVE, admits he was taken with OSCAR-winner Berry the moment he met her.

He says, "The first time we met, it was all about the chemistry and she blew my mind probably like no other woman has ever blown my mind."

Soon afterwards, Durst, who claims to have had sex with pop beauty BRITNEY SPEARS, got to work on the video.

He explains, "I wrote the treatment when I was in Amsterdam, just thinking about our meeting together - the chemistry we had and what the song was about.

"I wrote the kiss in after we met. I wouldn't have done that unless the vibe was right with me and her. I not just gonna kiss somebody if I'm not feelin' 'em."

24/09/2003 08:56