LATEST: Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has further blasted former bandmate Wes Borland for announcing the premature demise of the band - in a new web tune. Durst has posted UNACCEPTABLEINTERLUDE on his blog to pour more scorn on Borland, who upset the rocker by confirming a planned full reunion had been scrapped and Limp Bizkit were "maybe even officially over". The minute-long 'dis' song features lyrics like, "Stop making plans to manipulate fans and finally stick to something you believe/'Cause you had us all fooled and, I'll admit, even me/Manipulating like a crook who's arrestable/It's unacceptable, f***ing unacceptable." Borland has responded on his new group BLACK LIGHT BURNS' page, admitting, "After years and years of dealing with each other, it seems that Fred and I still have not figured out how to keep it positive. "I'm to blame, he's to blame. It sucks. We never talk. So, it's hard to ever know what's really going on."