Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has blasted reports he's having an affair with Halle Berry, insisting the pair are friends, not lovers.

The ROLLIN' rocker locks lips with the OSCAR-winning actress in the video accompanying his band's new song BEHIND BLUE EYES, which serves as the lead track for Berry's upcoming movie GOTHIKA.

Since their kiss - and Berry's announcement last week (ends03OCT03) that she and her singer husband Eric Benet have separated - reports have been rife that the actress and the rocker have been having an affair.

But Durst, who claims to have had sex with Britney Spears, insists there is no affair and denies reports that he's made visits to the set of Berry's film CATWOMAN.

He says, "I think she's amazing and I think we get along really good. Us working together was a beautiful thing and the kiss was really cool and the movie Gothika's awesome. And we became friends... and that's sort of it.

"There is no one in my life right now."

Durst was photographed at the end of last week walking arm-in-arm with actress Thora Birch, who stars the video for his current single EAT YOU ALIVE.

05/10/2003 21:20