Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is furious after guitarist Wes Borland declared the band defunct - accusing him of betraying the band and its fans. Last month (MAR06) Borland claimed the ROLLIN' hitmakers were never likely to reunite because he now wants to concentrate on solo material. Durst refuses to discuss the group's future, but distances himself from his bandmate, insisting the pair have never been friends. He writes on his blog: "I am pleased by the lack of sincerity that has always been a huge part of his character, is still at the forefront of his aesthetic. "From the beginning the two of us never genuinely appealed to one another, but I accepted him." In a direct message to Borland he adds: "If you would only now be aware and sensitive towards how bad you have disappointed the Limp Bizkit family." Borland quit the nu-metal group in 2001, but rejoined in August 2004.