Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst needs only three things to keep him happy on tour - a PLAYSTATION 2, posters of Angelina Jolie and Ziplock bags.

The rocker, who is travelling around America on the SUMMER SANITARIUM tour, admits the latter is a necessity to keep tourbusses smelling fresh.

He explains, "You need to remember to have Ziplock bags that are sealable because when you've got to take a s**t on the bus you can't take a s**t on the bus, so you gotta put a Ziplock bag in the toilet and s**t in the bag and zip it up immediately."

His other requirements are purely for pleasure.

He explains, "You need Angelina Jolie to be staring at you from the back of the bus. She is so single right now."

Durst lists his other tour requirements as "a toothbrush, panties, flip-flops, a change of clothes and those things in case it's that time".

18/07/2003 01:57