Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is firing back at internet reports his group have split, insisting they're planning to tour America this summer (04).

The rock rapper is also furious with rumours the ROLLIN' hitmakers have been dropped by their record label INTERSCOPE.

In a new posting on his official website, Durst fumes, "We are playing some TV show on May 11, then going on a US tour at the end of June, then writing a new album, then going to Europe.

"Limp has done very very well for ourselves and our label and we would never leave and they would never dream of getting rid of us. It's weird to hear silly s**t like that from some poser with a keyboard."

Coy Durst ended his latest cyber message to fans by promising them, "Big news coming soon from the Limp camp. I have a secret that is close to slipping out that you will love."

05/05/2004 02:41