Lily Tomlin has been accused by Dustin Hoffman of picking on everyone on the set of I Heart Huckabees apart from tough guy actor Mark Wahlberg because she was scared of him. Leaked video footage featuring Tomlin and director DAVID O. RUSSELL on the set of the 2004 movie screaming at one another, hit cyberspace last month (MAR07) but Wahlberg noticeably escapes the actress's tirade. The hunky actor says, "Lily told everybody to f**k off except me. And Dustin, being the ball-buster that he is, said, 'How come you didn't say f**k you to Mark, huh? Are you scared that he's going to kick your ass?' "That movie was a whole other experience. David is a unique guy and making movies can be difficult. And Lily was just upset. The cameras are rolling, you're doing the scene the way it was written, and he'll just say: 'That sucks, try this!' Which can be tough."