Jazz saxophonist and all-female band leader PEGGY GILBERT has died of complications from hip surgery in Los Angeles. She was 102. Gilbert led various all-female jazz ensembles in her career as a musician, which spanned over 80 years. She was the subject of the documentary PEGGY GILBERT AND HER ALL-GIRL BAND, which was narrated by actress Lily Tomlin. Gilbert also appeared in several feature films including THE WET PARADE, MELODY FOR TWO and THE GREAT WALTZ. She was most widely known as the leader of the DIXIE BELLES, a Dixieland band comprised of older women, that Gilbert formed in 1974 when she was 69. The Dixie Belles, who performed together until 1998, were featured on THE TONIGHT SHOW, The Golden Girls, DHARMA + GREG, THE ELLEN SHOW and MARRIED WITH CHILDREN.