Lily James wants to see more female directors working in Hollywood.

The 28-year-old actress has echoed the thoughts of Meryl Streep, who believes there would be fewer instances of abuse and harassment in the movie business if there were more women in positions of power.

Speaking in reference to Meryl's comments, Lily explained: ''There'd be less room for it.

''I'm lucky enough to have just made a film ['Little Woods'] with a young female director, the producers were women and the story was about women, and it was such a change. I hadn't experienced that before.

''That needs to become the norm, commonplace, I want to work with female directors as much as I do male directors, I want to look around the crew and not be surrounded by men, so that will be something that hopefully is changing, and I'm so inspired by all these people that are making their voices heard.''

Lily stars as Elizabeth Nel, the personal assistant of Sir Winston Chruchill, in the new war drama 'Darkest Hour'.

The movie is unlikely to appeal to some of her youngest fans, but Lily believes it's important that the film reaches a wide audience.

She told the BBC: ''We can learn so much from our history.

''Especially at the moment. When you watch a film about a very powerful leader at the time where he really was the voice and will of the people and united the country.

''I don't think there's necessarily that kind of strength in leaders at the moment, so I think it's quite inspiring.''