Lily James feels frightened by social media.

The 28-year-old actress has admitted to feeling insecure about certain aspects of her appearance and Lily believes that social media websites, such as Twitter and Instagram, cause people to develop an unhealthy obsession with their looks.

She shared: ''We all have our insecurities and things we struggle with - we're all human.

''I think it's frustrating, the unreal aesthetics we aspire to. They're perpetuated by what we see and the image we give out. That's why social media frightens me, because it's this constant putting out of the best version of yourself.''

Lily's body shape became a source of much discussion around the time she starred in the Sir Kenneth Branagh-directed remake of 'Cinderella' in 2015.

And the English actress has admitted that the focus on her figure did upset her.

She told ''There were times when it really got me down because I was the lead character of this film all about kindness and goodness, and all that people seemed to talk about was my waist. I was like, 'This is so bizarre; you're kind of missing the point.'''

Meanwhile, Lily revealed that despite being known for her glamorous, sophisticated appearance, she always tries to cover up when it comes to acting auditions.

She explained: ''I always have to wear high-neck tops when I audition because I get this bright red rash. I just get so nervous.

''And I do it and I feel slightly dirty after, like, 'Oh I just had to give that,' and then they're like 'Okay, bye.' You walk out and you feel cheated.''

And Lily revealed her ''dirtiest'' experience occurred during one of her early auditions.

She said: ''It was for this Shakespearean TV show. I had to kiss the guy, and we'd just met - I had to do that with three different guys in one day.

''I didn't get the part, but I kissed three different Bill Shakespeares in one day. I wouldn't do that now.''