Lily James admits she's a social media ''hypocrite''.

The 28-year-old actress has reflected on her own activity on social networks in light of Daisy Ridley's decision to delete her accounts, and has confessed to experiencing a ''constant inner battle'' about the issue.

Reflecting on Daisy's choice, Lily shared: ''I completely and utterly relate to that.

''I believe it to be true, and therefore I am a hypocrite. I am on [social media], and I have a constant inner battle about it.

''I'm not on Twitter, I don't want to always have something to say, I want to save that for my life.

''Also I think, especially as a young person, you change your opinions every second, so [you shouldn't] put something down in concrete that's going to come back and haunt you.''

Lily recognises that Instagram can be used to spread positive messages.

But she also worries it causes people to become obsessed with their own image.

The 'Darkest Hour' actress told the BBC: ''Instagram you can use for all sorts of different reasons and that can be powerful. But I do worry about obsession and about perfection and about always presenting your life in a certain way, which is very untrue to how you go about your day.

''We go through all sorts of different emotions and Instagram makes it look like everything's perfect, and that's rubbish.''

Meanwhile, Lily has praised the women in Hollywood who have recently shared their experience of sexual harassment and abuse.

The British star is pleased that the sex scandal has sparked a debate about the movie industry's culture.

She said: ''I think the bravery of everyone that's come forward and spoken, the fact that they've shared their pain and their stories in order to make change is the most admirable brilliant thing.

''And I'm so hopeful that now there's going to be a huge shift in how that power balance has been and how people have been treated.''