Lily James was nervous about cooking on the set of 'Cinderella'.

The 25-year-old actress stars as the title character in the live-action film and whilst she had to work with real mice in the film, she admitted her biggest worry was having to pretend she could cook.

She said ''Actually the mice weren't as scary as having to pretend I could cook.

''Because I was in a kitchen and there was a working kettle, ovens and pots and pans and assorted plates. I just had no idea what to do.''

It wasn't the only time the 'Downton Abbey' star felt uncomfortable during the movie as she revealed her corset was incredibly tight.

She told the New York Daily News: ''Corsets are always tight, that's just what they are. I feel for the women of the past. I'm so glad that's not what we have to wear every day now...

''The good thing is wearing something like that sort of changes how you stand and it gives you a sense of grace that you can use to your advantage as an actor.

''I had to work on taking it off at lunch so I could eat properly and remember not to drink Diet Coke because then I spent all afternoon burping in (co-star Richard Madden's) face.''