Lily Collins has admitted speaking out about suffering abuse helped ''free'' her.

The 'To the Bone' star has been open about her struggles in the past, detailing memories of an abusive relationship as well as her on-going battle with anorexia in her book 'Unfiltered', and though she was initially ''intimidated'' about being honest in the tome, the outpouring of support she received when the memoir was released has been very helpful.

Speaking at the WE Day UK event at the SSE Arena, Wembley, in London on Wednesday (07.03.18), she said: ''We at WE Day are trying to create that safe environment for you the younger generation to share your stories, connect and support one another. For you to feel protected and nurtured as you release your truths.

''Now, I know that that's not easy. For me, writing about my experiences with dating violence and emotional abuse was intimidating at first, but the support that I have received after coming forward has far exceeded the fear that prohibited me from doing it in the first place, and it made me realise that I was not and still am not alone, and speaking out at WE Day's around the world and inspiring people like you has made this experience incredibly helpful and freeing.''

The 28-year-old actress used the opportunity on stage to share words of encouragement to the thousands of young people in attendance, urging them to speak out about their own struggles and to realise they are never ''alone''.

She shared: ''Going through a traumatic event and being stripped of your agency to vocalise and articulate it can make you feel violated and alone. But you aren't alone. You're never, ever, alone, and when we speak out and share our stories, we create a positive space for others to do the same.

''And as a result, we become part of the movement. There's no invitation needed, just the desire to participate. And if you haven't had something like this happen to you, you can still stand up and still speak out to support those who have.''

The brunette beauty - who is the daughter of British music icon Phil Collins - showed her support for the cause in a grey 'WE Day' t-shirt, from which the proceeds of sales will go to help various charities' the event partners with.

Ending her passionate speech, she declared: ''It's time to take our power back and be brave. If you want to speak up, speak up, don't ask yourselves why now? Ask yourselves, why not now? And through our words and actions, let's erase all feelings of hatred, fear and isolation and instead, create images of love, kindness, strength and unity. Because together we really are stronger.''