Lily Collins loves to ''binge watch'' movies.

The 'To the Bone' star is obsessed with films and has confessed to watching three or four a day whilst she was feeling unwell.

Asked if she still likes to watch films, she said: ''Oh definitely. I have binge watching sessions. I recently had the flu and I just sat at home for about a week and just watched all of them all at once. Three or four a day. What a great reason to be sick.''

And Lily particularly loved 'The Favourite'.

Speaking on the red carpet at the EE British Academy Film Awards on Sunday night (10.02.19), she shared: ''I really do think my favourite was 'The Favourite.'''

Lily had previously confessed she had ''never wanted'' to be famous because of her father Phil Collins.

She said: ''Growing up I never wanted that to be a part of my story. Obviously I'm super-proud of my dad; I love my dad, I'm grateful for all the things I've learned, but it's also something I wanted to define as my own. I always wanted to do it myself and for myself.''

The brunette beauty feels more empowered than ever before due to the changing attitudes towards women in Hollywood, and the bravery of other women is inspiring her to ''speak out'' and own her truth.

She said: ''I've realised that I can't control what other people think of what I have to say, but I can control how I say it and where it's coming from. So many women have come out and spoken about things that people would have assumed would have been the end of them. Now it is embraced for us to speak out.

''I'm attracted so strongly to people who are brave and outspoken and very much themselves, so I thought, 'Why can't I be that?' It takes practice and I'm not fully there yet, but I'm doing my best to take those steps.

''Hopefully one day this won't even have to be a conversation. That's my hope that we won't have to say, 'I'm so glad you're hired because you're a female.'''