Lily Cole recommends investing in timeless items of clothing.

The supermodel - who yesterday (01.06.10) launched Gatwick Runway Models, a search to find both a female and male model to sign up for exclusive agency Storm - says she isn't really one to follow trends and prefers to spend her money on classic pieces.

Speaking at London Gatwick Airport, Lily told BANG Showbiz: "To be honest, I'm not a huge follower of trends. I just go with what I feel and what I like, I have a lot of things in my wardrobe that like I consider quite timeless and that I'll wear again and again through the years.

"I think that you should look for things that will work over the years, I think that's a good way to find out your own kind of taste and individuality."

Lily also spoke of the benefits of airport shopping and admitted she sometimes can't resist picking up some last-minute bargains herself.

She said: "Well first and foremost the benefits are obviously the tax free discount, and you can get 30 per cent off some brands. I don't ever go out specifically to go shopping but it can be quite a convenient way to get the things you need as you're passing through and you have a few hours to kill and it's quite a fun and convenient way to pass the time."