Lily Cole has psychic dreams.

The flame-haired model believes her subconscious is trying to tell her something after a particularly vivid dream and credits her inner voice with instructing her to become a vegan.

She said: ''I dreamed that I became vegan and I woke up feeling really good about it. I thought, 'This feels great and I'm going to stay like this'.

''I listen to my dreams quite closely. Dreams are often you talking to yourself. It is listening to the deeper voices of yourself and the noises of your mind you don't hear clearly.''

While the British beauty acknowledges her beliefs might make her sound ''crazy'', she thinks everyone should learn to listen to what's in their hearts and apply their dreams to their daily lives.

Lily explained: ''I feel like everyone knows a lot more in their heart of hearts on a deep level, but sometimes I think there is so much noise in society and in your head that you don't always hear through it.

''If I have a strong dream about something it doesn't mean I commit to it 100 per cent, but if it feels right to me, I'll often end up committing to it late. I'll let it sit in my consciousness for a while, some of them are silly dreams and some say quite a lot.''

The 25-year-old star also admitted she didn't want to be considered a hippy, but loves nothing more than being amongst trees and nature.

Lily added in an interview with The Sun newspaper: ''I'm not like some cliché hippy, but I really love trees and I love nature. And that appreciation has grown as I've got older.''