Lily Cole is not a fan of extravagant festival style.

The British model - who is the current face of Rimmel make-up - admits her preferred wear is a simple and traditional outfit which caters for all possible weather in the UK.

When asked her ideal festival outfit, Lily said: "It's got to be wellies and a pair of shorts hasn't it?

"I really adore summertime and it's so rare you can dress for the summer in the UK! I've been in a really colourful mood at the moment. So that's what I want to wear when the sun is out."

Lily also admits she would never get rid of her long flaming locks but would consider dying it.

She told "I'm very attached to my long hair. Although I'm toying with the idea of changing the colour - I'm always changing my mind though so I don't know what colour I'd go for. I think I'd stick to either brown or blonde."