Lily Cole felt "hugely liberated" to complete her degree at Cambridge University.

The model-and-actress - who obtained a double first in History of Art from the British educational institution - admitted she came close not to finishing her studies because she was "so exhausted" after having to juggle academia and acting.

She said: "I feel hugely liberated. I'm super glad that I managed to finish it - and semi-surprised.

"The closest I came to not finishing it was the day before my last exam. I was so exhausted. I'd been drinking a lot of coffee. I would never mind not doing the best if I felt like I gave my best effort."

The 23-year-old star also explained while she used to "p**s people off" with her ideas of ethical living, she is still in "constant dialogue" with herself about shunning the material world.

Lily added in an interview with Style magazine: "It's a constant dialogue with myself. With some friends yesterday, we were having a conversation about the material world versus the spiritual, and there are arguments for enjoying beauty and having less things, but things you love.

"It's always been cooler and safer to just not say anything and not care. I know I used to piss people off. Now I try not to talk too much and just do what I can."