Lily Allen is to appear in 'Neighbours'.

The 'Not Fair' singer will shoot her cameo role in the Australian soap when she is in Melbourne next month and may even perform one of her chart-topping hits on the TV show.

A source said: "Lily is delighted - she can't wait. She has been telling all her friends. She can't quite believe she'll take a turn on Ramsay Street and meet the stars of the show in person. Her role is pretty straight forward and she will only have a few lines."

The 24-year-old star is set to spend two days filming her scenes followed by a meet-and-greet with cast members.

'Neighbours' star Matt Werkmeister - who plays Zeke on the show - is thrilled at the prospect of working with Lily.

He said: "I'm freaking out! I haven't been this excited for I don't know how long. I'll be star-struck for sure, but I'll try my hardest to stay professional.

"I'll definitely want to get Lily's autograph but will probably be too scared to ask her, so I'll be asking someone else to get it for me."